Don’t Talk To Me I’m Counting Patch


Get ready to stitch in peace with our charming “Don’t Talk To Me I’m Counting” patch! Designed with knitters and crocheters in mind, this patch serves as the perfect silent reminder that you’re knee-deep in counting stitches and can’t be interrupted.

Measuring a bold 3×3 inches and weighing just 6g, our patch is the ideal accessory for any yarn enthusiast. Crafted from top-quality felt, fade-resistant polyester thread, and sturdy cutaway stabilizer, it’s built to withstand all your crafting adventures.

You have the option to choose your preferred patch type – whether it’s the traditional sew-on style for a permanent attachment or the convenient iron-on option for easy application. Handmade to order.

Don’t Talk To Me I’m Counting Patch
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